SoSoft™ Sport – Butter


  • 100% sustainably raised US Merino
  • Spun in Ohio
  • 3-ply Sport
  • Approximately 3-1/2 oz / 100 gms – 350 yds / 320 m
  • 6.75 to 8 stitches per in (2.54 cm) on US 3 to 5 needles
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry

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3-ply, slightly felted with a subtle variation in diameter throughout each skein. This yarn was spun in Ohio from fine Merino wool sourced in Missouri.  Use for everything from soft, warm socks to sweaters and has a nice drape when knit at larger gauges. And, like all our SoSoft™ yarns, it’s great for felting too!

Butter is made from Weld (Reseda luteola), which is also known as dyer’s rocket, dyer’s weed, woold, and yellow weed. It has been in use as a textile dye since around 1000 BCE, and although native to Eurasia it can be found throughout North America, often as a common weed. It produces strong yellows which are very clear and bright