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Ohio Here We Come – Day 1

We are heading to Ohio to visit the mill, meet our fleece and have some leisure time on the Ohio River.

Dena: “So , where are we going again ? ”

Tom: “Higginsport Ohio, it’s on the River.”

Dena: “OK”

Tom : “So across the river is Kentucky.”

Dena: “Whaaaat ?!?!? Where are we going again ??”

Chicago to Higginsport is about 6 hours, let’s push through Cincinnati and go to a nice restaurant on the river to get the feel of things , kind of a preview.

How about this place ?





Awesome, like I said , right on the river, in fact it was floating on it. Which means I can say it was literally on the River.

(Grammar police can have a separate forum debate on this)




Burgers, beer and live music, this might be the best place on Earth.

From there we go to check in at an Airbnb.


We check in and go out on our personal deck and see this.




Maybe it is the best place on Earth – Tomorrow we meet the fleece